Lift Your Buttocks Fast

In this article, I’ll discuss tips, tricks, and exercises to lift your buttocks fast. If you want a firm, round, and tight behind, make sure to read this article and apply what I teach you in it.


Getting a toned butt is about two things:


  1. Reducing body fat levels. I’m not talking about just losing fat on your behind as it’s considered nearly impossible to lose fat on a specific body part. This requires an overall fat burning routine which involves doing strenuous cardio and full body weight lifting workouts.


  1. Do targeted butt toning exercises to make the muscles stronger and firmer. This will lift your butt and make it look more toned. There are also cardio workouts which work the buttocks more so than others so these should be done more often.


Let’s see which exercises you should do:




You want to do cardio that specifically targets the buttocks while burning a lot of calories and fat. Rowing, for instance, is not a good option as it virtually does nothing for your buttocks but works your arms and back. Running is a good sport as it works the entire lower body and burns a lot of calories as well. Using an elliptical machine or a step machine are good options as they do target the butt. However, they may not prove to be as intense as running is. Combine running with a step machine or an elliptical for the best results.


Targeted Exercises


There are many lower body exercises that target the butt, either primarily or along with other lower body muscles.

glute exercise with bands | exercise equipment for glutes | exercise equipment for buttocks

Some of the best exercises include the following:


  1. Squats – Any kind of them, really. Whether it’s split squats, side step squats, regular squats, done with dumbbells or without. All these work the butt and will help you lift your buttocks quickly.


  1. Lunges – Any kind of lunges including: forward and backward lunges, diagonal lunges, lunge jumps and so on. These also burn a lot of calories and fat so they serve a double purpose.


  1. Bridges and hip extensions – These are less strenuous than lunges and squats but they do target the butt muscles. These are must-do exercise for anyone who wants a tighter and firmer butt.


Combine intense cardio workouts that also strain the butt muscles along with these lower body strength exercises and you will get a tighter butt.


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