Men’s Glute Muscle Building Exercises

For many guys, having large gluteal muscles isn’t particularly desirable. I tend to agree despite mine being extremely large. With that said, working on your glutes could prove invaluable for your overall strength and performance in other sports. So what exercises are available for developing the glutes?


  1. Barbell back squat – The back squat or regular squat is one of the most effective builders of the gluteal muscles. I can personally attest to its effectiveness as it has been responsible for the insane growth I have experienced in that area.


  1. One legged cable kickback – This is universally regarded as one of the more effective glutes exercises. I didn’t rank it number 1 because I can only recommend what I’ve personally used or what I’ve personally witnessed people get results from and this isn’t an exercise I use.


  1. Barbell Butt Lift/Glute Bridge – This is essentially a standard glute bridge with added resistance. It’s a legendary gluteus maximus exercise and it also works the hip flexors, hamstrings and the lower back.


  1. Resistance Band Hip Thrust – This is another (safer) variation of the glute bridge. This time you lie on a bench and tie some resistance bands around your waist and then perform the thrusting movement of the bridge.


  1. Kneeling squat – This is another great isolation exercise for the glutes. One which I don’t use because as previously mentioned, my glutes are big enough already and I’d prefer it if they didn’t grow anymore. I’d recommend you get a set of knee pads because if you get quite strong and start doing this exercise with a lot of weight, you may damage the knee and experience problems doing the regular squat.


  1. Flutter Kicks – Popular with women as it requires no weights, this exercise is an excellent way to get started on the road to building your glutes. It’s great for beginners as you only use your bodyweight but that’s no reason to underestimate it. Those big muscle groups tend to fatigue rather quickly so you’ll be in sweats if you perform a few sets!

how to build your glute muscles | how to build your gluteus maximushow to build your gluteus medius

  1. Glute Kickback – This is another great beginner glutes exercise that can be done with only your bodyweight.


  1. Pull-through – Great cable exercise which does a great job of working the glutes in a dynamic movement. It also works on your hamstrings and lower back.


  1. Barbell hip thrust – I’m sure you can tell I’m not a fan of these exercises where you need to place weights on your body. I have an overly cautious approach to my training seeing as I have picked up a back injury (healing) and a wrist injury that has since healed. But if you are so inclined, then by all means go ahead and do it but make sure you go light.


  1. Rack Pulls – I’ve found these to be very good at exercising my glutes. I’ve since stopped doing them as my back is playing up again but they are wonderful for building your back overall and your glutes. When you drive yourself into the ground in order to pull the weight upwards, you should feel a strong contraction in the glutes and after 10 reps, they will have had a very good workout.


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